Giving Writing Advice and Making Progress

I sat down to write a blog today but as usual read my email first. In it I found some eloquent writing advice that I couldn’t do better on expressing. Therefore, today’s blog is a link to Chuck Wendig’s TerribleMinds blog “In Writing, Progress Doesn’t Always Look Like Progress”

My favorite quote from Mr. Wendig’s piece comes from Delilah S. Dawson.

This is your reminder that every word you write is a drop of water that becomes the iceberg that will lift you out of the morass and toward your goal. No word is wasted. Short stories that don’t sell, books that you trunk, plots you sketch and abandon. Every word has value.

Both these words and the advice from Mr. Wendig made me feel better about where I am in my writing. We all have crap stories. We all have beautiful stories. The trick is to keep creating.

So check out the blog. It will make you feel better about your progress.

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