President Trump and Political Name Calling

First and foremost, I’m not a Trump supporter and never have been. However, I’ve moved from irritated to disgusted at the flood of folks who have reduced their opinions on the man’s actions to name calling and mockery in an attempt to heighten the hatred of this president. If I see that in a Facebook post or Twitter comment, I immediately move on, ignoring whatever statement or call to action that person was attempting.

Their message was not worth hearing.

Okay, say that you hate the man. That’s fine. Make all kinds of commentary on his politics or personal life. That’s normal and standard for a person in the political limelight. Let him be the brunt of comedians. Their jobs thrive on that kind of stuff. When Sarah Palin threatened to sue Tina Fey for the comedian’s portrayal of the candidate, I laughed and thought, “If you can’t take the hot water, honey, then stay out of the public pool.” Yet, the best commentators, talk show hosts, and comedians don’t resort to name calling to make their points

In addition, anyone in public service is open to inspection and should be held to higher standards. After all, they are our leaders and represent us on the world stage. Their policies and personal issues should be examined, commented on, or even made fun of. That’s simply freedom of speech and we should exercise that right every single day. People should share information from legitimate sources and create a huge conversation on the right and wrongness of the president’s actions, not matter who that president is. That is what an informed voter base does.

Cut out all the crappy, vicious name calling.

Referring to the president as the Orange Cheeto, tRump, or any number of other derogatory names cheapens your message and makes you no better than the man. After all, President Trump is the same man who mocked a reporter with disabilities and referred to a Senator as “Pocahontas.” His tweets are legendary in their lies, defamations, and dishonor. He uses cheap kindergarten level tricks to make his point, which makes him look immature and rather stupid. It makes the mob shout and stomp about because they think it is funny or appropriate. However, as a mob, people generally act pretty thoughtless and immature. Mobs do not and never should rule a country.

So why would you follow his example?

The response I’ve heard back was “Well, the Republicans did it under President Obama!” Yes, they did, but I hear my mother’s voice echoing in my head, “well if the others run off a cliff, will you follow them too?” In truth, a lot of horrible things, including name calling, were said during President Obama’s administration. The haters came out of the woodwork, and many of those messages were racist in content. Even now, haters of a different party are coming out against President Trump and their message is no less ugly.

However, using the “but he did it first!” argument also dates back to kindergarten theatrics and we as voters can do better than that. It’s time to leave the mob stupidity behind and start thinking four ourselves. We need to get past hate rhetoric and get back to a clear focus on the good leadership and politics.

We must do better than simple hate mongering.

If we want wise, qualified candidates to represent us, then we need to grow up a bit in our rhetoric. We need to look for the educated, the honorable, the polite, and the classy candidates to put into office. President Trump lacks all of these issues and many people, like lemmings, are following his examples of immaturity, stupidity, and disrespect whether they support him or not. In many cases, his nonsupporters are worse in terms of rhetoric.

We need all Americans to rise above that.

So if you want to make me feel inflamed about the president’s actions or policies on anything, then cut the ugly name calling. I’ll not treat you like another nut, yelling their heads off in the street. I’ll read your post, comment, share and participate in the great conversation. We’ll make the message be about the laws being passed, honorable or dishonorable behavior, and the harm being committed.

Those issues matter far more than a man’s hair, skin color, or intelligence level.

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