Call for Help

As many of you know, I’m a Texas girl at heart. I grew up in Ft. Worth and spent my college years in Dallas. I also spent seventeen years in the Corpus Christi region and still have family there today. Cities along the Gulf coast, like Rockport and Aransas Pass, are not well off. They depend on the tourist dollar and the fishing industry. I’m saying this because the news focuses so much on Houston due to the terrible flooding. It is horrible, don’t get me wrong. The pictures and news out of the region are heartbreaking. Like Katrina’s damage, Harvey left scars that will take years to recover. However, remember that other towns were hit and devastated by the hurricane as well. The whole Gulf region is suffering.

Image result for disaster area Texas picture

Not sure if this map is accurate anymore. I believe the affected areas go all the way to the border of Louisiana by now.

Texans have never hesitated to reach out and help others. Immediately after Katrina, folks in my small town of Kingsville donated bags of food and supplies to send truckloads of assistance to the New Orleans area. Huge amounts of clothes and baby supplies poured out of the residents as well. Refugees were welcomed throughout Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Now they need your help.

I’m asking you to send whatever contributions you can afford. Anything helps. We are stronger as a nation when we pull together. We saw this with other disasters over the years. Let’s pull together now to help our southwestern neighbor.

The Red Cross is taking donations but a number of other agencies are as well. This Texas Tribune article lists places for people to donate shelter and food supplies as well as cash donations to general help or specific causes. The list is long and covers a wide variety of issues that need to be addressed.

For those that need aid and are reading this blog. The same article offers great info and places that can provide food, shelter, medical relief and help with finding family members and pets.

Please keep Texas in your prayers.

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