Eclipse Thoughts and Photos

Although I expect you may be sick of hearing eclipse stories, I’d still like to share some thoughts and photos on the subject.

full sun

Pre -eclipse sun shot

First of all, our sun is truly amazing. Even at 90% moon blockage, we still had plenty of light to see things. At full eclipse, it was only a little darker. Nothing shows the awesome power of Sol as much as knowing it was blocked and yet still having light on the ground.

At some point around 75% of the sun being covered, the colors changed to sepia tones. The trees and plants began looking like a historic photograph. I’m guessing some of the color spectrum was reduced or disappeared.

Was this what life might look like on Mars? On the Asteroid Belt? It makes for an interesting thought. What would living in sepia tones mean for plant growth? Would chlorophyll fail to produce energy food for the plant cells? An interesting thought.

eclipse montage

The eclipse from start to near totality

It was hot where I was in southern Illinois at around 100+ degrees on the heat index. The way the experts talked, I expected the temperature change to only be at totality. Nope it occurred much earlier, which felt like a wonderful relief.

Fancying myself as a semi-pro photographer, I wanted shots of this event. Yet I fought with my newish camera a great deal. My Canon EOS Rebel T6 with 300 zoom lens is a freaking nice camera that was attached to a high quality tripod.  I knew, KNEW, I would get great photos.  Eh, not so much.

My husband worked with a Canon SX610, a little instamatic that we bring out for tourist shots. He used my secondary (i.e. crappy) tripod and got great pictures. I mean absolutely fantastic shots (the ones above are mine). Yeah, I’m a little jealous.

Thus life isn’t fair sometimes.

Full eclipse


Finally, when the 20 seconds of totality occurred, it took my breath away. People all over the campground cheered and yelled as if God has just completed a cosmic touchdown.  I gazed bare-eyed into the power of a star for a few moments and the wonder of it filled me.  A planet even appeared in the dimmed sky. I took my photos then simply bathed in the beauty of this powerful event.

It was indeed a rare blessing.


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