Early Morning Resolutions

I woke up thinking about pasts and futures through a hangover-fuzzed brain. Not surprising really since New Year’s Day everyone acknowledges the world turns a little older and we only bob along on the ever-flowing waves of time and fate. Where we strike out swimming is completely up to us. Our resolutions act as our navigation. For me, the self promises are pretty simple.

Write more; eat less.

Let go of mental toxicity in all its forms.

Worry less; play more.

These concepts slip out of the mouth easily but prove harder to enact. The first resolution weighs particularly heavy as 2017 begins. It’s now my sole job. Am I up for it?

Although every year sees the passing of wonderfully talented people in all professions, 2016 seemed particularly bad for the entertainment industry. Yet I think it is a matter of perspective. After all, the beautiful people who passed away are the ones I grew up with, not some long-retired star of my parents’ generation. These are the comic faces on my TV, the music I rocked to, and the larger than life stories in dark theaters.

Some of the folks were near my age when they passed. Thus it seems like that old wanderer, Time is whispering, “What impacts have you made? Have you made your mark? If not, then get your ass in gear because the few years ahead are all you have.”

I hear you, Old Man Time. Today looks like a good day to write.

Gold Happy New Year image
Happy New Year Pictures

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