Twitter, a New Query Tool

I still don’t know how to use Twitter effectively. I struggle to understand how it is different from simply shouting on a mountaintop and getting lost in everyone else’s echoes. I’ve got books and websites and programs like Hootsuite that should help me, but haven’t made the time to work with any of them yet. My view has been, “I’d rather be writing.”

Something recent happened that now shoots “understand Twitter” up the list in importance. Literary agents have started asking for 140 character pitches and following some of the tweets they get back. Imagine that. Throwing a teaser out there without having to spend the money to go to a writer’s conference or even email a query letter that you agonized over. It is another sign of just how rapidly the industry is changing. The savvy author must stay up or be left behind.

In addition, other writers are reading your one-liner and favoring or retweeting it. So after I put my line up there, I spent some time looking at others, hitting the little star on those I liked. It might not help them get the attention of an agent, but I bet the writer felt good when he or she saw that someone liked their idea.

I’ve now seen two different events happen in the last two weeks. In case you are worried the flurry is over, Curtis Brown LTD, one of the powerhouses in the industry, and Conville & Walsh out of the UK are taking pitches for 24 hours on the fourth Friday of every month. Most likely other literary agencies will soon follow. As these events increase, I’m sure they’ll become an important way of pitching your next project. So polish your one-liners to perfection and click on the little bird. It may be your day to get noticed.

As ever, happy writing!

2 thoughts on “Twitter, a New Query Tool

  1. I love these twitter pitches! Also look for #PitMad and a few others. You might also look up Brenda Drake’s website…she’s got a lot of fun Twitter Pitch “games.” Good luck!

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