Finding Your Niche: How to Get Readers for Your Work

Michelle points out a great lesson. Don’t just blast people with “read me!” stuff. Actually talk to them like people. Here is her great blog on the subject.

Michelle McGill-Vargas

finding your niche

I’ve heard this term used before, finding one’s niche, when it came to writers marketing themselves. But it wasn’t until I recently attended the Writing Day Workshop in Hoffman Estates, Illinois that I understood what it meant and how it applied to me.

This workshop was a day of lectures by in-your-face-giving-it-to-you-straight-no-chaser Chuck Sambuchino. If you’ve never heard him speak, you’re missing an entertaining and informational treat. The part of his speech I was most interested in involved marketing. Yes, I’m on Facebook and LinkedIn and Goodreads, and I tweet and blog as often as I can, but what I needed to know was how that translated into my writing getting recognized and read by more people. “I’m a writer,” I’ve said in an attempt to justify why I thought marketing myself wouldn’t work. My Twitter feed and Facebook timeline is

Too proud to beg! Too proud to beg!

full of other writers posting READ MY STUFF! information. And for a while…

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