Rejection Sucks but It Shouldn’t be Crippling

Getting over rejectionI got another uninformative “it’s not right for us” rejection from an agent yesterday just three days after sending the query in. As usual, I felt the typical sadness of not being good enough and the doubts of what do I have to change to succeed. Again, I thought alternately of giving up on the manuscript or self-publishing it. To me, that leads to possible dead ends and my characters deserve so much more.

Today, I got on my treadmill (because it is in the negative numbers outside) and pictured myself walking away from rejection. Every step I made took me away from the worries, melancholy, and questioning. Each footfall moved me towards my eventual success when some editor or agent will see the spark of beauty that I see in Layne Knowles . My main character is flawed, yes. She is a thief and ghost-whisperer. She feels alone and aches for real contact with another living person, but she never gives up. I won’t either.

So with every rejection, I’ll walk some more steps away from the naysayers and towards my eventual publication. I’ll lose some weight along the way (always a good thing) and keep that positive attitude going. Layne and I are in this together, and along with my muse, Laurel-Ann, we’ll see it through to the end.

What are you doing about your rejections?
Conference News:
The San Francisco Write To Market Conference (Nov 12-15, 2015) is different from most other events I’ve talked about. This one comes with pre-con homework and a planned three days of really pushing the craft of writing as a career. It ends with a morning pitch session as well. For those interested in a career writing for traditional publishing, this may be the event for you.

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