Write What You Know, But What Do I Know?

Welcome to my weird but wonderful world.

I’m blogging as part of building my author platform to let the wide world figure out that I exist. In setting up the website and this blog, I over-researched as usual in an attempt to find some magical advice for perfect material. The summation of all that research:

Write what you know.
Oh, and make it meaningful.

Those last three words are enough to bring on a massive case of brain-freezing writer’s block. After all, what is “meaningful” to me could be total crap to everyone else.

So what do I know?

I’ve pondered this a bit and realized a truth that many overlook in trying to tell you that you must be an expert in something in order to write. The essence of a writer comes from all the events, joys, sorrows, sights, and sounds that the person has experienced in their lifetime. What do I or even you, dear reader, really know? We are made up of joys, heartbreak, memories, homes, thoughts, training and so much more. In short, you are an expert in everything you have lived through. For example, I can provide details on using an Oxford comma, discuss why antibiotics are worthless for viral infections, or even relate the paranormal experiences I’ve had. All of those bits of informational data coalesce into what I am today. They also spill over into my fiction writing, sometimes leading me down dark and winding paths.

That is the heart of creating great fiction.

Therefore, we’ll cover a number of things that is of interest to me, and hopefully will be of use to some of you as well. Sometimes I ‘ll discuss my own tortuous path to publication or the focus might turn on current events, random thoughts, science, woodworking, or whatever else catches my attention. Hopefully it will somehow be meaningful in the end.

So consider joining me on this trip through blogspace. I can’t tell you where we’ll wind up, but just like in sailing, the importance is in the journey, not in the destination.

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